Analysis of primary school curriculum of turkey, finland, and ireland in terms of media literacy education.

The purpose of this study is to evaluate the implications of Media Literacy Educati- on (MLE) in Turkey by analyzing the Primary School Curricula in terms of MLE com- paratively in Turkey, Ireland and Finland. In this study, the selection of Finland and Ire- land curricula is related with those countries’ being the pioneering countries in MLE and the structural differences in their curricula. In other words, the selection of these count- ries serves as a model in terms of approaching to MLE as a separate course (Turkey), in a strand unit (Ireland) and interdisciplinary manner (Finland). The method used in this study was document analysis. The documents analyzed in the study were the Primary School Curriculum of these countries and also documents, such as reports, books and jo- urnals, published by governmental and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) wor- king on Media Literacy Education. Since a standard MLE for European countries does not exist, the curricula of Primary school education of Turkey, Ireland, and Finland were analyzed and interpreted in terms of (a) general outcomes and learning outcomes of the curricula, (b) content, (c) learning situation (methods and techniques) and (d) assessment and evaluation strategies. This study revealed that in the vision of Primary school curricu- la of Turkey, there are not any objectives related to MLE unlike Finland and Ireland Cur- ricula. When analyzed the curriculum of each course this study also revealed that the ob- jectives related to MLE are only implemented in Turkish Curriculum (1-5). On the cont- rary, in Ireland there are objectives related to MLE in English, Visual Arts, Mathematics, Irish language, and mostly in Science and Social Personal and Health (SPHE) curricula and it is included in the objectives of core curriculum in Finland. In addition to this, the objectives and learning outcomes of Turkey’s MLE curriculum seems to aim at gaining knowledge and understanding the issues although they are focused on developing atti- tude, skills and values; and also developing active citizenship, intercultural communicati- on, critical thinking skills and creativity in Finland’s and Ireland’s curricula. Considering the findings of the study, it is suggested that MLE should be a skill-based teaching rather than a stand-alone subject in Primary school curricula."

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